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Reception/Appetizer Menus
Private Events Catering The Ultimate in Catering & Event Planning

Reception/Appetizer Options

We offer a complete planning service including custom menus, decorating and floral design, ice sculptures, beverage service. Linen, china, and glassware choices are also available. From setup to clean up, every detail is carefully executed with your preferences in mind. We take pride in understanding and anticipating the special needs of our clients. We make them partners with us in creating memorable and fabulous events! Shown are just a few of our most popular menus. We specialize in creating new menus, customized to fit your special needs. Our private banquet facilities are also available. For your FREE consultation, please call Britney or Terry 701-729-6255. Additional consultations welcome, but will be billed at $25.00 per hour. 

1) Assorted Cheese and Crackers Assorted Canapés and High Roller Sandwiches, Garden Vegetable Cascade with Dip, Fresh Fruit Fantasy Display Punch and Coffee   from $11.55 per person

2) Sweet-n-Sour  or Swedish Meatballs,  Fresh Fruit Display  or  Shrimp and Pesto Salad,  Asst. Tiered Bun Display , Assorted Meats and Cheese Display,  Punch and Coffee  from $10.95 per person

3) Swedish or BBQ Meatballs, Tiered Fresh Fruit Display,  Asst. Cheese & Crackers, Garden Vegetables & Relishes with dip,
Garlic Bites w/ Spinach Dip & Smoked Ham Pate’,  Punch& Coffee,   from $11.95per person

4) Heavenly Hog Roast - Hand Carved, Scalloped Potatoes,  Fresh Fruit Display,  Garden Vegetable Cascade, 
 Punch and Coffee,  from $13.95 per person

5) Fresh Fruit Display, Chips & Pickles,  Build your Own Mini Sandwich Station, Marinated pasta & vegetable salad,
Punch,  from $9.95 per person

6) Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken Fingers,  Buffalo & Teriyaki Wings,  Garden Vegys and Dip,  Wild Rice Stuffed Mushrooms, Fresh Fruit Display,
 Punch & Coffee, from
$14.95 per person

7) Wild Rice and Chicken Supreme, Tiered Fresh Fruit Fantasy,  Marinated Pasta Salad,  Ham Cocktail Sandwiches, 
 Punch and Coffee  from
$10.50per person

8) Beef Sirloin BBQ in Sauce,  Tiered Bread Display, Marinated Vegetable Salad,  Fresh Fruit Display,  Baby Red Potato Salad,
Punch & Coffee,  from $12.95 per person
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